New Leadership. New Direction.
Will Haynie for Mayor of Mount Pleasant
Will Haynie
Mayor of Mount Pleasant

      Will Haynie wins Mount Pleasant mayor's race
by 2-to-1 margin      

Will Haynie wins mayor's race
by 2-to-1 margin

The Front Porch Test

What is the Front Porch Test?

“At the time I decided to run for council in 2015, Mount Pleasant residents had not felt that their town council was listening to them. Decisions were being influenced by high-powered board rooms owned by moneyed and special interests.

I want to bring the influence back to the front porches of Mount Pleasant's family-owned homes,” Will says. “The Front Porch Test means that before I vote for anything, I will ask, "How well would this go over if we were talking about it on your front porch?

How will this affect your quality of life, your drive time, your view from your porch, or the time you have to spend with your family together on your front porch?"

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